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  Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 5, 2016 2:06pm-2:10pm PDT

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trump aggressing the crowds. >> donald trump may be backtracking on some things, but she not necessarily backing off of his attacks on hillary clinton. he just had a rally in iowa. trump is all out right now against hillary clinton. >> the top of this event in des moines, iowa. they refer to hekt as a dangerous lie dangerous as jason caron was just mentioning here. in the last couple moments, just over my shoulder, donald trump was saying he loves babies. he didn't mean it when he had her throw that baby out at that rally. as for the expected endorsement of paul ryan, i'm told by some
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ryan aides they don't have anything to say about it at this point. perhaps inside the ryan campaign they believe it when they see it. you're right, when it comes to hillary clinton, you are hearing hillary clinton getting back on message. >> if hillary clinton becomes president, you will have -- you will have terrorism, you will have problems, you will have really, in my opinion, the destruction of this country from within. she is close to unhinged. you have seen it a couple times, but people in the background know it. the people who know her know it, and she is like an unbalanced
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person. >> wolf, in another example, it was something of a amazing statement that he made a few moments ago, sort of concedes how the public is feeling about the state of his campaign, how it is in perhaps trouble right now. he told the crowd if you don't like me, that is okay, vote for pence. a sign that perhaps donald trump understands in the republican party there are misgivings about this candidate even though there is plenty of people in the party that like the bottom ha half of tick. >> he said that she is unstable, dangerous, and a liar. a lot of people in the crowd scream "lock her up." he restrains himself in
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responding to that lately, right? >> yes, and he has been taking it to hillary clinton all this week. one of the things we noticed about his rallies all week long is that yes, every rally he goes after hillary clinton. he goes after her in ways you don't normally hear. he called her the devil on monday night in pennsylvania. he has a tendency to go off the rails and he creates messy headlines for him and his campaign. throwing the baby out of the rally on wednesday. talking about meghyn kelly and what she was doing asking him questions. he was relitigating that in florida. he has a tendency to get off message. we saw less of that today at this rally here in iowa, but he wanted to go back and correct
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the record, saying he loves babies, he wanted to make that clear here in iowa. >> him and his vice presidential running mat